Stronger Health & Wellness 

Live Fit - Live Well  

Health & Wellness Retreats/Seminars

Custom Designed for Your Group

We will custom design your event to suit your needs.  We will come to your location or arrange a location with one of our event partners.  We can arrange the entire event or be a part of your planned event.  We are available for 1/2 day - 3 day events.  Our menu of services offer flexibility to fit your needs, the number of participants and budget.

Nutritional & Exercise Guidance

Nutritional information will be presented in a way that each person will be able to apply to their own lives.  This will include the importance of good, nutritional calories and exactly what kind of food will accomplish balanced nutrition, optimal health and weight.  We will visit the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, including cardiovascular, strength exercises and stretching.  We will demonstrate some very simple exercises you can do at home in addition to stress reduction techniques that will benefit everyone.


  • Nutritional Snacks throughout the event to demonstrate the best way to eat throughout the day
  • A Delicious, Nutritional Breakfast/Lunch or Dinner 
  • A Nutritional Plan to take home
  • Easy nutritional recipes
  • Simple Exercises and Stretches
  • Exercise Band

Relax and Heal with Quiet Time & Prayer
We will provide a relaxing, soothing atmosphere to promote physical and emotional healing.  We will guide you through a prayer session that will release stress, promote emotional healing, and refresh both physically and emotionally.  

  • Warming neck wraps
  • Therapeutic foot soak

Relax and Heal with Massage
During your wellness massage you will experience complete relaxation.   Massage, back and body therapies are not only relaxing, but beneficial to overall physical and emotional health.  Touch has been proven to not only be beneficial, but necessary for optimal health.

  • Massage sessions (the amount of time for each person will depend on the number in attendance and length of the event)