Stronger Health & Wellness 

Live Fit - Live Well  

At each stage of life our bodies have different physical and nutritional needs

Better Body Health & Wellness offers you specific exercise, nutrition and therapy plans to experience optimal Health & Wellness
for any age and all stages of your life

Fitness - Personalized Fitness Plan

Experience Results at EVERY Age

As we age our bodies change and therefore we must change our workouts to experience the ultimate results in our physical fitness, strength, flexibility and balance.  Our metabolism slows down, we lose muscle mass (beginning in our 30's).  We have solutions!!  We have effective plans to increase metabolism, increase muscle mass, flexibility and balance.  We create a plan for your current health, fitness level, age and goals.

Nutrition - Personalized Nutrition Plan

Depends on your Health Goal

We don't believe in diets, just healthy nutritional lifestyle.  Changing nutritional habits is sometimes a process but can be satisfying and effective to experience long term weight loss and positive health benefits.  "Diets" are ineffective due to the temporary results you receive, only to regain the amount of weight lost.  

When needing or wanting to lose weight or reverse negative health challenges, individuals tend to "starve" themselves, make drastic changes, which will only result in slowing metabolism, creating the storage of more fat to protect the body from lack of food (calories).  It is important to eat the right food, have a balance of intake of calories and energy (exercise) expended to experience ultimate results.