Stronger Health & Wellness 

Live Fit - Live Well  

Corporate Health & Wellness
Custom Designed for Your Employees

With our flexible menu of services we will design a Health & Wellness Program that is perfect to meet your goals as a company and the needs of your employees.  

Nutritional & Exercise Guidance

Nutritional information will be presented in a way that each person will be able to apply to their own lives.  This will include the importance of good, nutritional calories and exactly what kind of food will accomplish balanced nutrition, optimal health and weight.  We will visit the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, including cardiovascular, strength exercises and stretching.  We will demonstrate some very simple exercises you can do at the office and at home in addition to stress reduction techniques that will benefit everyone.

  • Nutritional Snacks to demonstrate the best way to eat throughout the day
  • A Delicious, Nutritional Breakfast/Lunch 
  • A Nutritional Plan to take home
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Easy nutritional recipes
  • Simple Exercises and Stretches for office and home
  • Exercise Band

Back & Bodywork Therapies
Back and body therapies are not only relaxing, but beneficial to overall physical and emotional health.  Touch has been proven to not only be beneficial, but necessary for optimal health.  Sitting at a desk and working on a computer all day creates tension in the neck, back, shoulders, and low back.  In addition, employees can also experience repetitive motion strains and injuries.  All of these challenges can be improved or reversed by bodywork.

  • Table or Chair Massage (at your site or our office)