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Insurance Pays For Massage/Bodywork/Health/Fitness

Posted on April 20, 2018 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I am excited to announce that we are now an approved provider and accept Insurance for many of our services, including Massage, Bodywork, Stretch Therapy and Exercise Therapy.  We are also an approved provider with Choose Healthy, which is a partner to Insurance Providers offering reduced fees for alternative services such as Health/Wellness Coaching, Nutrition, Fitness and Fitness Facilities.  For more information you can call us at 916-244-1545 or schedule your FREE CONSULTATION.

Back/Body Pain - Fix Poor Posture

Posted on April 17, 2018 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

If you experience back or body pain and do not have an illness or injury, it is more than likely the result of bad posture.  I wanted to talk about the importance of Posture, a balanced body and how it affects your muscles, skelatal structure and overall health. 

There are many factors that create poor posture.  To name a few - sitting at a desk most of the day, working on the computer, standing for many hours, texting, existing body pain, spinal curves and hip tilts.  All of these things create stress on your muscles, body and organs.  This causes your body to compensate due to tight muscles and pain. 

To relieve any discomfort, you may start to sit on one cheek rather than both, hold your head forward,  stand more on one leg than the other.  This only exacerbates the situation.  Normally, we do not even realize we are doing these things, our body just adapts, adjusts to the discomfort and takes the path of least resistance.  In response, some muscles become shortened and tight, underused, others become overworked and overused, resulting in a "stuck", painful position.  This creates an imbalance in our body and posture.  This imbalance can cause inflammation and pain, continuing unless it is fixed. 

You may be experiencing low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, discomfort or other back or body pain.  Poor Posture can affect the proper function of the digestive system and lungs.  Pain can also create more stress and fatigue, creating more pain....the cycle continues.....

The GOOD can be fixed!!  Each person is a little different, depending on their circumstances, type of work and activities.  In general, stretches to fix the tight muscles, exercises to strengthen the weak muscles in support of your spine and changing future Postural habits will relieve pain, help you sit and stand tall, create a Healthier Body and Healther, Happier YOU!!  LEARN MORE or Call us at 916-244-1545 to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION.