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Most of us experience back or body pain due to our jobs, computer work, stress, posture, sitting too much, standing too much, injury or illness, working out or sport activity.  Bodywork Therapies, are a combination of various modalities such as Myofascial Release and Stretch Therapy to reduce and relieve pain, reduce inflammation, increase range of motion and create balance.

With all the information available today what is the solution to obtain your optimal health?  Better Body can help with the information overload.  In your personal, thorough phone, online or office visit, we will discover your current health and fitness, nutrition habits, lifestyle and identify your goals.  You will receive a comprehensive nutrition and fitness plan, guidance on how to implement the plan and daily support to achieve your goals.  We will work hand in hand with you to take charge of your health and life.

Every sport requires engaging different muscles.  Some muscles become overworked.  Some sports require a repetitive motion that causes hypertonic (overused) muscles resulting in imbalance.  The muscles that are not being used as much become weaker.  We stretch and release overused muscles, improve flexibility, improve balance and increase strength.

If you are training hard, literally beating up your body, your muscles are definitely letting you know it.  Don't let sore muscles keep you from training.  We can speed up the recovery time so you can get back to training, back to achieving your fitness and performance goals.  Get Relief and Repair, Increased Flexibility, Better Balance and Agility.

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