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Detox/Cleanse Program

Fermented Detox/Cleanse


All foods turn toxic if not fully absorbed and eliminated – In a perfect world, we would only eat the healthiest foods. When unhealthy dietary habits and chronic stress impair our ability to absorb and eliminate, food begins to decay in the GI tract, becoming harmful toxins that spread throughout our body.

Malabsorption causes malnourished and dehydrated cells – Toxin accumulation in the intestinal lining blocks the absorption of nutrients and water into our bloodstream, which is meant to supply our cells with the nourishment to generate newer, healthier cells. As a result, our cells begin to age rapidly, opening the floodgates to chronic disease.

True Healing begins……with Emptiness – Thoroughly cleansing the GI tract prepares our body to fully embrace the benefits of nutrition. By emptying, our bodies are prepared to                                                                          absorb nutrients and experience the benefits so our bodies can thrive